Microclimate Evo Connected III


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The EVO Connected 3 is one of two new thermostats in the Microclimate EVO range.
Now with wifi capabilities you can monitor and control your thermostat from anywhere using the Evo connected mobile app or the web dashboard.

This thermostat is cloud connected with three channels. Two Channels can be selected as either dimming or pulse, while the other Channel is On Off. Each channel has its own IP rated sensor which can be used to monitor temperature even if the channel is being used to control lighting. This has the added advantage of allowing you to check the temperature gradient in an enclosure if the main probe is located at the heated end. This data is logged by the thermostat, giving you a complete understanding of the enclosures heating over time.

Retains settings if there is a power outage and if connected to the internet will re-establish the time once the internet reconnects.

1200w Combined Max Load (600 max per channel)

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