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Hatched Pet Supplies is 100% Australian owned and operated

About Us

Welcome to Hatched Pet Supplies! We are an Australian owned and operated business on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Our mission is to provide the best supplies and advice across all areas of pet care.

Coming from a reptile and fish breeding background, we know how expensive the pet keeping hobby can be. Because of this, we strive to provide the best quality products at the lowest prices. Many of which we actively use for our own pets!

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Our Story

Growing up with two cats and two dogs, there was always a strong love for animals around the house. But we got into the reptile hobby the same way as many of you, with a Bearded Dragon that sparked an ever growing passion for our scaly friends. Within a few years, we also acquired a turtle, which quickly turned into a 12 tank aquarium addiction. 

After quickly getting swept up by two of the biggest hobbies in the pet industry, we developed a strong love for the communities of each. As our knowledge increased we began breeding Bearded Dragons, as well as many fish and shrimp species, while even dipping our toes into planted aquariums and aquascaping. This lead to us starting several Facebook groups, a few of which we still run today, which provide a fantastic safe space for like minded enthusiasts to share their knowledge and/or ask for opinions and advice.

After several years, due to time restrictions we have moved towards a more reptile focused ‘collection’ although still hold a strong enthusiasm for aquariums. We have also moved to keeping more unique reptiles, such as various species of geckos, skinks, and pythons. But are also still working on developing our own Bearded Dragon line and our love for the more common animals still holds true.

Throughout this journey we realised the pet hobby was saturated with many poor quality, overly expensive products. This led us to begin sourcing our own products for our pets, which we shared with our fellow local enthusiasts. After receiving much positive feedback and frequent requests for more products, we began shipping Australia wide and are now working hard to continually grow our product range.

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